Liver Health 101: Introducing TUDCA

If you were to ask people why they exercise and eat a well-balanced diet, many would tell you it’s because they want to improve their health and appearance. When you break down the “I want to improve my health,” many aren’t able to describe what that actually means, or they give the typical response of they want to improve their heart health and prevent disease. That’s great, but what about your organs? Do you ever think about their health, such as liver health? What about TUDCA? Have you ever heard of that?

It’s common among adults to pay next to no attention to their organ health. Why? Because organ health isn’t something you can see with your eyes or in the mirror, and most expect them to “just work” and do their job without us needing to think about it. Unfortunately, this can be a dangerous and slippery slope that can lead to some pretty severe issues down the road. 

The downside to having this type of mentality is that as the years pass, damage to your organs can compound, and before you even realize the symptoms, a bigger issue has been created. Your liver is no different. But thanks to cutting-edge and potent supplements like TUDCA, you can help protect your liver health.


Note: It is recommended that you speak with your doctor before using or implementing any supplements into your daily routine to ensure they will not cause any issues with any other supplements or medications you may be taking.


What is TUDCA?

TUDCA or tauroursodeoxycholic acid is a water-soluble bile acid (also referred to as a bile salt) that is found naturally in the body but has been used in traditional medicine for many years. When used as a dietary supplement, TUDCA can help protect the liver and preserve its health and proper functioning. 

Unfortunately, our body does not produce a substantial amount of TUDCA, which means your liver is susceptible to damage all the way down to the cellular level. Clearly, such damage to the liver can create issues and lead to disease and illness. 

If you’re looking to help detoxify your liver and improve liver health, TUDCA supplementation may be the answer you’re looking for. Let’s dive deeper into how TUDCA can positively affect your overall liver health.


Why Should You Protect Your Liver Health? 

The first question you might be asking is, “Why should I protect my liver health in the first place?” It should really go without saying, but your liver is an essential organ to help you maintain your health and longevity. The liver performs life-sustaining activities that we must not take for granted. Unlike some organs, you cannot live without a liver. That said, should part of your liver get damaged, it can function with less than half and can even regenerate and grow back in a matter of several months (although researchers are unsure how it’s able to do such).


Your liver helps:

1. Produce Bile 

Bile is a necessary chemical that is produced by the liver that aids in breaking down food and improving the digestion process. By being able to effectively break down food, you are better able to absorb and uptake the nutrients to be used by the body.


2. Remove Waste 

When you consume various medicines and alcohol, it can create toxins and waste. The role of your liver is to help remove these toxic substances from the body and eliminate them so they cannot do harm.


3. Manage Blood Sugar Levels 

Your liver is responsible for helping to control blood sugar levels. The liver is capable of not only putting sugar into the blood when it’s needed, but it can also help remove it when there is too much present.


4. Improve Immunity

The liver is one line of defense when it comes to battling pathogens and viruses that are detected in the body. When the body detects harmful pathogens and bacteria are present, the liver can send out cells (from the liver itself) to seek out and destroy these dangerous invaders before they can do damage.


How Can TUDCA Help Improve Liver Health? 

We now know the role of TUDCA in the body and how it plays a role in liver health, as well as why you should be concerned about your liver health. Next, let’s look at three key liver health benefits that TUDCA supplements can assist with.


1. Insulin Sensitivity

Regulating and controlling blood sugar and insulin is vital to helping prevent diabetes. Research using TUDCA has found that through the use of this supplement, you may be able to reduce your blood sugar levels by as much as 43%. TUDCA supplementation could be highly advantageous for those looking to improve glucose tolerance and support insulin sensitivity. 

It should also be noted that TUDCA may help increase energy expenditure at the cellular level. Why is this important? Because it can help the body better regulate insulin levels.

Free radicals and oxidative stress can also damage the liver and affect insulin sensitivity. TUDCA can help protect those endothelial cells from becoming damaged, destroyed, or altered.


2. Prevent Certain Diseases

TUDCA has been shown to aid in fighting liver cirrhosis. In fact, one study found that 100% of the participants who supplemented with TUDCA showed lower liver enzyme levels and without any side effects.

Supplementing with TUDCA essentially cleans and detoxifies the liver as a whole, which can drastically help prevent diseases and liver health deterioration. 

Again, it should be noted that TUDCA supplementation should never replace any medications you may be on that support liver health. Follow the protocol in place by your medical doctor.


3. Support Bile Secretion

A lack of bile secretion (as well as too much secretion) can create various health concerns and issues. When not enough bile is in the small intestine, but there’s an abundance (essentially a backup) in the liver, it can cause cholestasis. Cholestasis is also where bile salts can destroy and kill healthy cells. TUDCA helps prevent the backup of bile while also aiding in protecting the cells.

TUDCA can help increase bile volume and flow as well as improving the composition of the bile itself. The improvement in composition and quality can help improve digestion and the breakdown of the foods you eat. 

By improving bile, TUDCA helps regulate your metabolism, remove waste, and also eliminate excess cholesterol.


Support Your Liver Health with TUDCA! 

TUDCA is such an amazing supplement that can help protect and improve liver health. Those who may be at a higher risk of liver diseases, such as those individuals who are heavy drinkers, smokers, have high cholesterol levels, and who expose themselves to harsh chemicals and toxins, can benefit significantly from supplementing with TUDCA. 

Supplementing with TUDCA also has many benefits other than those that relate to liver health. TUDCA is a powerful antioxidant, can improve brain health, lower cholesterol, boost metabolism, protect the kidneys, restore a healthy gut microbiome, and even improve eye health.

If you’re looking for a high-quality TUDCA supplement, check out Simple Supplements TUDCA. Simple Supplements TUDCA provides you with 250mg of tauroursodeoxycholic acid in a single vegetarian v-cap. 

It’s time to take your organ health more seriously and support your liver health by using TUDCA. Start today, so you’re not forced to play catch-up later if your liver health starts to fail!