About Simple Supplements

Simple Supplements’
goal is to provide clean and effective internal health support for athletes by using high quality, effective and "cutting edge" supplements. These supplements are provided based on sound scientific research data and formulated without any extra or artificial excipients.

Our staff is actively working with researchers from universities, institutes and other academic environments around the world. 

Quality Control:
Simple Supplements has high standards for quality. We have a rigorous quality control system in place to test products at multiple stages – from raw material to finished product. All materials coming into our facility are subject to stringent tests to ensure they are the highest quality; any that don't meet our standards are rejected and sent back to our suppliers.

Simple Supplements CGMP:
Simple Supplements products are manufactured in Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified facilities.  These regulations govern the manufacturing, storing, labeling and distributing of ingredients and finished products as they transit the supply chain. Under the cGMP regulations, manufacturers are required to evaluate the identity, purity, strength and composition of both ingredients and finished products to ensure that products are accurate and meet specifications.

Why are CGMPs so important?
A consumer usually cannot detect (through smell, touch, or sight) that a product is safe or if it will work. While CGMPs require testing, testing alone is not adequate to ensure quality. In most instances testing is done on a small sample of a batch (for example, a manufacturer may test 100 tablets from a batch that contains 2 million tablets), so that most of the batch can be used for patients rather than destroyed by testing. Therefore, it is important that products are manufactured under conditions and practices required by the CGMP regulations to assure that quality is built into the design and manufacturing process at every step. Facilities that are in good condition, equipment that is properly maintained and calibrated, employees who are qualified and fully trained, and processes that are reliable and reproducible, are a few examples of how CGMP requirements help to assure the safety and efficacy of drug products.