Prebiotics 101: The Genius of PreforPro for Gut Health

Today, we hear so much emphasis being put on probiotics that it’s easy to skip over prebiotics altogether. When it comes to gut health, many people don’t put much focus into it. The inner workings of our body can easily be neglected as they are something we don’t generally think of on a day-to-day basis – nor is gut health something we can physically look at in the mirror and evaluate.

When’s the last time you thought about your gut bacteria? Probably never, right? You’re not alone. People tend to become lackadaisical with parts of their health that they can’t physically work on, such as their muscles, cardiovascular system, etc. But gut health is incredibly important, and that’s where prebiotics can come into play.


What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that help healthy bacteria develop in your gut. Your digestive system has the ability to work better through the help of prebiotics by improving the healthy gut bacteria in your system. You can think of gut bacteria as “good” versus “evil.” The evil or bad bacteria in the body have the ability to cause damage and may increase your risk of getting sick. The good bacteria, on the other hand, is there to help combat the “evil” (bad) bacteria and prevent them from doing harm and spreading. 

Prebiotics can be present in a bunch of the foods you may already be consuming on a daily basis. Gut health-improving prebiotics can be found in various vegetables and fruits – especially in those that have complex carbs, such as resistant starch and fiber. These carbohydrates are not digestible by our body, so they go through the digestive system to become food for the healthy bacteria along with other microbes.


Advantages of Consuming Prebiotics 

You may be wondering, if your body already possesses healthy gut bacteria, what’s the point of adding prebiotics? For starters, you want to maintain the health of the healthy bacteria in your system. Should the healthy bacteria be attacked or decrease, your immune system may take a hit, increasing your risk of getting sick.

One of the biggest benefits of taking prebiotics is that they are incredibly stable, being unaffected either by long-term storage or temperature. If you were to look at this from a supplement standpoint, some supplements are affected by temperature and are unstable in warmer conditions. When this is the case, they generally need to be kept in the refrigerator, otherwise, the contents could become harmed, damaged, and destroyed.

Prebiotics are also resistant to our body’s enzymes and gastric acids, which means they are not digested, destroyed, or absorbed as they pass through our digestive system. Unlike many probiotics, prebiotics reaches the colon unaltered and intact.

PreforPro is one of the most popular prebiotics in the market, as it serves many beneficial purposes such as:

1. Effects on the Immune System

One of the most popular benefits of prebiotics is the stimulation of the immune system. Gut microorganisms are known to have an impact on multiple aspects of the adaptive and innate mucosal immune system.

2. Prevents Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Dysbiotic intestinal microbiota is the main reason behind inflammatory bowel disease. Prebiotics can improve the gut mucosal barrier and modulate the microflora. Hence, it helps prevent IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

3. Relieves Constipation 

Internal dysbiosis is one of the primary reasons behind constipation. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria that helps in relieving constipation.

4. Prevents Obesity

Gut microbiota is linked with the development of low-grade inflammation that disrupts glucose metabolism and the absorption of fats. These disruptions are features of obesity. Prebiotics do the work of improving the gut barrier integrity and lowers low-grade intestinal inflammation, hence promoting weight loss and boosting metabolic alterations. 

5. Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Prebiotics can be beneficial in the prevention of colorectal cancer as it modifies the composition or activity of the colorectal microflora.


PreforPro®: The Next Gen Prebiotic

You can get prebiotics from a lot of food sources and supplements. Out of all the supplements, a patented ingredient known as PreforPro has been one of the most groundbreaking prebiotics to hit the market in recent years.

Deerland, a Georgia-based probiotics and enzymes expert, has come up with a clinical study that demonstrates the efficacy of the bacteriophage cocktail PreforPro in supporting the systemic markers and gut microbiota.


What is PreforPro?

PreforPro is a prebiotic bacteriophage cocktail that makes the gut ensure that healthy probiotic bacteria have the ability to grow and flourish. PreforPro is not fiber or starch-based, and therefore, it needs quite a small dosage compared to typical prebiotics, and it has been found to be effective in hours, not days.

There have been more than 20 studies confirming the safety and efficacy of PreforPro. 

In a human clinical study, PreforPro was shown to influence the microbial population present in the gut. At the same time, it also had a positive impact on cholesterol and immune response. Results of the study showed an:

  • Increase in beneficial bacteria that include Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • Increase in the counts of butyrate-producing Eubacteria
  • Decrease in the allergy-inducing interleukin 4 cytokine
  • Decrease in taxa that is related to Clostridium perfringens 

In another human clinical study that was done to investigate whether PreforPro with probiotic would provide additional advantages to gastrointestinal functions and augment the microbiota in the gut as compared to the probiotic by itself. The results showed a: 

  • Significant benefit in self-reported GI inflammation symptoms
  • Reduction in coli
  • Decrease in colonic cramp discomfort
  • Greater increase in the presence of Lactobacillus vs. placebo
  • Reduction of strains Citrobacter and Desulfovibrio that are linked with gut inflammation and GI disorders


How is PreforPro Different from Other Prebiotics? 

Prebiotics are primarily fibers or starches that are known to be beneficial. However, they may have some drawbacks, such as:

  • They need huge dosages to be effective
  • They are only effective in the colon
  • They can lead to flatulence
  • They are sensitive to nutrients in specific gut environments

This is where PreforPro comes into play, as unlike fiber and starch-based prebiotics, it does not require massive doses to be effective, and it does not cause flatulence. 

It functions in both the large and small intestine, as discussed earlier, and it is not affected by the nutrients of varying gut environments. In essence, it provides the digestive system an effective boost.

PreforPro gets to work on the harmful bacteria in the gut within few hours of consumption by destabilizing the bacterial barrier. It releases nutrients into the gut environment, which can then be consumed by the good bacteria present in the GI tract.


Improve Your Gut Health TODAY! 

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