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Flex Builder is our superpowered joint health product. Containing glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate + MSM + Manganese, this powerhouse of a supplement aids in building/repairing connective tissues along with MANY other joint health benefits.

KollaGen II-xs, another one of our joint health products, has 3 main components: Collagen Type II, Chondroitin sulfate, and Hyaluronic acid. Combined, these 3 components aid in joint health, cartilage heath, joint lubrication, and more. Use this alongside our Flex Builder supplement to maximize your joint health and function.

Black Pepper Extract (Piperine) has been shown to substantially increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from foods and supplements. By adding Black Pepper Extract to your daily supplement routine it can aid in making the the supplements you take and the nutrients in foods you eat to be much more effective.

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