5 Incredible Benefits of Bergamot That Can Improve Health

When you hear the word “bergamot,” what do you think of? Probably a scent, right? Well, you’re not wrong. Maybe you or a family member utilizes a bergamot oil in your home? But there’s more to bergamot than some oil sitting on the shelf of a beauty and perfume store where many people use it for aromatherapy and its ability to help reduce stress (which is still an amazing benefit). 

Bergamot is also being utilized as a supplement that can help improve your health. Unfortunately, not many people know of or even understand what this plant is capable of providing. So, with that being said, it’s time to shine some light on the subject and talk about some of the many ways that bergamot can help improve your health when used as a supplement.

Disclaimer: You should always consult with your doctor before introducing any new supplements to your regimen to ensure you are healthy enough to do so that to ensure the supplement will not interact with any medications you may currently be taking.


What is Bergamot? 

First thing’s first… what is bergamot? As mentioned above, bergamot is a plant that bears fruit. The fruit from the plant is generally green in color, but that resembles something along the lines of if a lemon and an orange had a baby. 

While bergamot is a fruit, its purpose is not to sit down and eat it like you would another piece of fruit. In fact, bergamot is extremely sour and provides a zingy and intense citrus flavor that is quite off-putting. 

However, it was back in the 1700s that bergamot started getting some attention — much of which began in South East Asia but has since been commercialized heavily in Italy. It is said that around 80% of bergamot comes out of Calabria.

The juice is extracted from the fruit, and it’s from that liquid (as well as cold-pressing the rind) where many of the health benefits can be achieved. Whether for perfumes or supplements, bergamot has several benefits — five of which we will discuss below.


5 Health Benefits Associated with Bergamot

For the sake of this article, we are going to look specifically at what bergamot can do when used daily as a supplement.


1. Increase Weight Loss 

This first benefit may have caught your attention, but the fact is, bergamot is not a miracle fruit or supplement. You’re not going to be able to simply squeeze out the juice and press the rind to magically look in the mirror and be lean with visible abs. You’re still going to need to do your part from an exercise and nutrition standpoint, but bergamot can help give you that little extra boost you need to help you burn body fat.

The polyphenols found in bergamot can help increase fat metabolism, which aids in controlling your body weight. Being that bergamot can also help control cholesterol and triglycerides, you have an even better ability to manage your weight. Combine bergamot with a sensible nutrition plan and workout program, and the combination can prove to be extremely beneficial.

There is even more research on this topic, as those who suffer from metabolic syndrome can find some relief through the use of bergamot as the polyphenols can help support weight loss.


2. Reduce Inflammation 

Bergamot contains natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As you may know, inflammation and oxidative stress can cause many issues in your body. It can diminish the immune system and bring upon various illnesses, cause joint pain and discomfort, create swelling, and many other adverse effects. This powerful fruit extract can even help manage inflammatory bowel issues

By adding bergamot to your supplement regimen, you can add an extra layer of protection to help prevent free radicals from doing the body harm. The potent antioxidants found in bergamot also help neutralize and absorb free radicals.


3. Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels 

If you suffer from elevated blood sugar levels or are possibly pre-diabetic, you may want to speak with your doctor about bergamot supplementation. While bergamot and this article are not meant to treat, diagnose, or overstep a doctor’s recommendation, research has found that bergamot can help manage blood sugar levels

Another study backs up this discovery, also mentioning that bergamot can help control glucose levels.


4. Supports Healthy Cholesterol

Over 90 million Americans suffer from high cholesterol — that’s no small number.

But the good news is, bergamot has the ability to support healthy cholesterol levels by helping to decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL). How can bergamot do this? It’s thanks to the high levels of polyphenols and flavonoids.


5. Improve Cardiovascular Health

One of the reasons for cardiovascular issues is due to elevated triglycerides and cholesterol. While this benefit directly ties into #4, it definitely needs to be called out further. One study looking at the effects of bergamot supplementation found that this fruit had the ability to reduce bad cholesterol by 30%, increase good cholesterol by 40%, decrease blood sugar levels by 20%, and lower triglycerides by 40%.

Take all of those benefits into consideration, and you can better manage your cardiovascular health in the long term through the use of bergamot.


Is Patented Bergamonte® the Answer?

As mentioned above, bergamot is an incredibly beneficial supplement to add to your current regimen. You can take things one step further by utilizing a patented and extremely powerful form of bergamot called Bergamonte, which comes from the company HP Ingredients.

According to the website of this patented ingredient, it mentions that “Bergamonte contains bioactive compounds of extract of the juice and albedo of Citrus bergamia Risso, standardized to >38% polyphenolic flavonoids consisting of naringin, neohesperidin, neoeriocitrin, 1% melitidin, and 2% brutieridin. Bergamonte is produced using patented extraction technology through collaborative works of various universities and research institutions in Italy. These flavonoids are clinically proven to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, healthy blood glucose levels, increase HDL-cholesterol, and promoting healthy weight management.”

The HP Ingredients website also contains several studies showing precisely how advantageous this ingredient is when looking at all of the benefits it is capable of providing.


All of that being said, how can you get your hands on this patented version of bergamot? Simple Supplements Bergamonte Extract is affordable and available for you to purchase and reap all of the benefits. Each serving will provide you with 500mg of Bergamonte Citrus Bergamot. Try it today and experience the power and strength of this bergamot supplement.